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NinerTech Computer Store

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About Us

When the NinerTech Store was launched in 2009, its founding principle was to be a leading provider of service to the campus.  Now, in its fifth year of operation, our commitment to this principle has not wavered.  Operating as a nonprofit arm of the university, NinerTech concentrates on providing services that are unique, exemplary, and irreplaceable. 

College life has many challenges, equal parts academic, social, and professional. Providing a complete package to equip students for all those tasks is a challenge that we strive to meet.  With a combination of Apple, HP, and Dell computers and peripheral products, NinerTech has a solution for every need.

If a problem with your equipment arises, we’ll provide the support you’ll need to get you back up and running in no time.  NinerTech’s Certified Technician can fix Apple, HP and Dell systems (depending on warranty status and location of purchase).  And should you have a question about how to get the most out of your machine, our team of knowledgeable staff members more often than not can get you the answer you need.  College is stressful enough; let NinerTech take at least one thing off your mind! 


Why Us?

Great Customer Service Get hands-on product demos and answers to all your questions about which products you need and how to use them.
Competitive Prices We are a not-for-profit unit of the Student Union, which means our proceeds are returned to the campus.  As an academic re-seller, we offer you education discounts on great products every single day.
Support and Repair We service what we sell; it's that simple. Our Apple, Dell and HP authorized Support & Repair center keeps you up and running.
Certified Staff Every staff member is Apple Product Certified and fully trained on products we sell.
Central Location NinerTech is conveniently located on the first floor of the Student Union providing students, faculty, and staff with access to all of our sales and repair services without ever having to leave campus.

Contact Info

Phone Number: 704-687-7880


Store Photos


The Charlotte Metro Credit Union has moved location and is no longer in the Student Union. Financing through them is no longer available. 


Store Hours

Monday - Friday:
9:00am - 5:00pm

We are part of the University and generally are open and closed alongside the Universtiy's operating schedule. 

Store Information:
1st Floor, Student Union