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Who Is Required To Have A Laptop?

Every incoming freshman to the William States Lee College of Engineering is required to have their own personal laptop computer.  

Transfer students are expected to have a personal laptop.    

By having a laptop, you will be able to remotely access Mosaic Anywhere from where ever there is Internet access and be able to complete your school work.  The PCS office recommends certain system specifications  that achieve a separate performance level above other laptops to meet the needs of your major.

Picking A System

We have worked closely with the Personal Computer Support (PCS) of the College of Engineering to set up recommended laptops for the College of Engineering.  These laptops are of a higher quality than standard consumer grade laptops. 

When picking a laptop it is important to keep in mind that the laptop you choose will be used for many years, so make sure that you are comfortable with laptop you choose.  The choice of PC or Mac is a personal one, as both are equally powerful. 

If you purchase a MacBook you will have to configure it as a dual boot system, allowing you to boot to  the Mac OS or to Windows.  You will need to boot to Windows when you need to install Windows only software.  

Configuring your MacBook to be a dual boot system can be done by the PCS group free of charge.


College of Engineering students are required to have Microsoft Office. This can be either Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Any other software will be specifically requested by the professor or faculty member. 

The following software has been secured for free use by the College of Engineering students:

AutoDesk Products

SAP 2000







Bentley Products

Dreamspark Products

MSC Software

Sage Timberline





Though these items are not required, they will become helpful through your college career. 

The items recommended in this article can all be bought through the NinerTech store.

Portable External Hard Drive

The PCS office recommends purchasing an external hard drive (at least 500 GB) to back up important data from the internal drive of your laptop.  All external drives should be interfaced with either eSATA, Firewire, USB 2.0, Thunderbolt, or USB 3.0 compliant.  You will also want to purchase an external hard drive that does not require external power but draws its power through its interface with the computer.  This will allow for maximum mobility.  The PCS office recommends any of the following hard drives as they will also work with the Mosaic Computing Environment.  These can be bought from the NinerTech store:

  • LACIE External Hard Drive 500 GB
  • Toshiba External Hard Drive 500 GB
  • Toshiba External Hard Drive 750 GB

Flash Drives

USB flash drives have proven their worth in recent years.  USB flash drives enable users to quickly move files between computers or even have a presentation handy so that you don’t have to switch to your own computer in class.  The PCS office recommends at least an 8 GB flash drive that is USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. The PCS office recommends any of the following flash drives as they will also work with the Mosaic Computer Environment.  These can be bought from the NinerTech store:

  • HP Flash Drive 8 GB
  • LACIE Flash Drive 8 GB


Other recommended items include:


Surge Protector

Security Cable

Ethernet Cable

Carry Case

Cooling Pads





Dell 15 Precision 5510HP zBook 15 G3 


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